Jeffrey Swilley

Jeffrey Swilley is the Assistant Director of Business Services for the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation-Workforce Services Division.  Since 1986, Mr. Swilley has worked in various capacities as a Workforce Development Professional. His professional experiences have included:

  • 5-yrs as the Business Services Manager for the Prince George’s County One-Stop Career Center providing oversight of the business services unit responsible for providing customized workforce solutions to private sector employers;
  • 2-yrs as a Program Coordinator providing out-placement services to displaced Federal employees;
  • 6-yrs as a Job Developer for the South Florida and Maryland Workforce Development Systems;

Mr. Swilley earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management & Organization from the University of Miami. He has been an active member of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) since 1992. He is also certified as a “Global Career Development Professional”.

Mr. Swilley’s accomplishments have earned him the following recognitions:

  • Recipient of the National Association of County Executives Achievement Award for support to the Multi-Jurisdictional Youth Gang Task Force Initiative;
  • In June 2005, awarded the inaugural “Above the Bar Performance Award” by the Maryland Workforce Development Association;