Tarsha Weary, President/CEO of Interns4Hire.com

About the Speaker

Ms. Tarsha Weary is the President/ CEO of several business ventures with over 19 years of experience in the web, graphic and marketing industry. Newly relocated resident from Detroit, Michigan, Ms. Weary is no stranger to “new beginnings”. As owner of an online distance educational trade school, web and graphic design store, and in the process of building strong relationships in Maryland so she can start a new apprentice program in the local school districts; this is a presentation you don’t want to miss.

Ms. Weary is a self-taught front-end user interface developer, mobile app developer, web designer and graphic designer that attended University of Phoenix for 3 years and Baker’s College in Flint online for 2 years. Not receiving a degree, Ms. Weary decided that she would become an avid learner in the industry. After 19 years, Ms. Weary has a PhD. in hard-knock life and experience that goes well beyond anything a college or university could teach.

Ms. Weary has developed the firms advanced server to handle the learning platform that can accommodate over 10k concurrent users at any given time in SW Design School, LLC online design courses. The design and functionally of the curriculum was also created by Ms. Weary. This curriculum has successfully trained hundreds of students over the last 7 years.

With low overhead cost and in-house developing skills; SW Design School, LLC (L3) and Interns4Hire.com is bound for success under the leadership of Ms. Tarsha Weary.